Welcome To Opportunity Stanislaus

Welcome to Opportunity Stanislaus: The Future Is Now!

Opportunities abound in Stanislaus County. Whether you are looking to expand your business here, looking for a new job, looking to relocate here, or just want information on how to start a new business, we can help.

Our team is dedicated to serving the needs of businesses in Stanislaus County. We do this in a variety of ways. We provide services to businesses that will help you grow and succeed.

Our Business Development Team can work with you to find financing for your project, navigate through government requirements and regulations for starting or expanding a new business, help locate sites and buildings for your expansion, or connect you to the many resources and experts who can expedite and facilitate your project.

Our Workforce Readiness Team can help you find skilled workers who qualify for your positions. We can introduce you to job training programs that will make the training process more productive and palatable to your needs. We offer several programs that will enable you to tap in to the talent pools of future workers.

Our Messaging Team can help you understand all the wonderful assets of this county, whether it be the exceptional quality of life we offer, the educational assets we enjoy, or the world class healthcare right here in our backyard. We can help promote your company to make our communities aware of what products and services you have to offer. We can help you apply best practices of messaging in your quest of attracting talent.

Our Innovation Team is here to serve new businesses and entrepreneurs by providing free counseling in a variety of business practices such as accounting, marketing, operations, supply chain management, lean manufacturing, franchising, etc. We also help entrepreneurs write business plans, gain access to capital, provide business plan competition opportunities and develop solid management teams.

As you navigate this site, you will learn about many of the opportunities that await you here in Stanislaus County!

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