News | Stanislaus Business Alliance Welcomes Chief Workforce Development Officer

February 9, 2016

Modesto, CA – The Stanislaus Business Alliance announces the hire of Chief Workforce Development Officer Jowanda Collins. Collins brings to the position nearly two decades of program conception and administration in addition to several years of direct oversight of the Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act (formerly the Workforce Investment Act of 1998) initiatives currently undertaken by the Stanislaus County Alliance Worknet.

Collins will be tasked with spearheading the Workforce Readiness initiative within the Alliance’s Opportunity Stanislaus campaign in addition to creating a plan for the Alliance to bid for services supplying employers with qualified employees and preparing jobseekers for success in the workplace.

David White, Chief Executive Officer of the Alliance, spoke highly of Collins and the additional skillsets she brings to the organization. “Jowanda is very capable and has repeatedly demonstrated excellence in fostering relationships with employers and creating the training programs they need to keep our economy strong,” said White. “We look forward to growing our training and education programs under Jowanda’s leadership.”

Having started her career in the nonprofit sector, Collins is extremely civic-minded and devotes significant time to her role as the Director of Workforce Readiness for the Central Valley Human Resource Management Association. In this capacity she is able to stay abreast of diverse employer and workforce needs within the community. “I believe firmly in investing in the community that has invested so much in me,” said Collins. “I am excited to join the Alliance and be a part of a vision destined to bring tremendous change to our county.”

The Stanislaus Business Alliance is a private-public organization in Stanislaus County that blends economic development and workforce development assistance in a unique one-stop service model.