News | Opportunity Stanislaus Exceeds Fundraising Goal, Announces Vision to Investors

August 10, 2016

Contact: Amber Edwards, Marketing & Communications Manager

DATE: 8/10/16

Opportunity Stanislaus Exceeds Fundraising Goal, Announces Vision to Investors


Modesto, CA –On Tuesday, August 9 Opportunity Stanislaus gathered its investors for a big announcement—the newly formed economic development organization had exceeded its five-year, $5-million-dollar fundraising goal by 2 percent. It had also elected a brand new board and new officers.
Opportunity Stanislaus replaces the former Stanislaus Business Alliance, which was a public-private organization entrusted with economic development. The campaign was launched during the Alliance’s tenure in 2015 with four key areas designated for its fundraising campaign including business development, workforce readiness, messaging, and innovation. When Opportunity Stanislaus launched in April of 2016, the campaign gained the needed momentum to cross the ambitious fundraising threshold.

Opportunity Stanislaus retained Chief Executive Officer David White, whose vision resulted in the creation of the five-year campaign aimed at improving the quality of life locally. “Last year we were optimistic about meeting our fundraising goal because we believe the private sector very much understands what we are trying to accomplish and that all of the goals will lead to enhanced prosperity for the area,” said White of the organization’s restructure. “But we are humbled by the success of the campaign and look forward to doing the things to which we have committed ourselves.
White and his staff are led by a newly appointed board of directors that includes: James Brenda of JKB Energy and JKB Living; Sean Carroll of Ross F. Carroll, Inc.; Richard Coffey of E. & J. Gallo; David Darmstandler of Datapath, Inc.; Lynn Dickerson of the Gallo Center for the Arts; Joe Duran of Self-Help Federal Credit Union; Stephen Endsley of Endsley Companies; Brian Fiscalini of Fiscalini Cheese Company; Jeff Foster of OF Logic; Jeff Grover of Solecon Industrial Contractors; Brad Hawn of CHG Structural; Joe Hollowell of Arambel Business Park; Ron Jackson of Beard Land Improvement Company; Warren Kirk of Doctors Medical Center; Daryn Kumar of Memorial Medical Center; Chris Lehikainen of Stanislaus Food Products; John Mayol of Pacific Southwest Containers; Dillon Olvera of Innov8 Partners; Frank Otis of Crystal Creamery; Judy Pallios of Modesto Commerce Bank; Dennis Tarry of Dave Wilson Nursery; Paul Van Konynenburg of Britton Konynenburg Partners; and Mike Zagaris of PMZ Real Estate.

Out of the board, an executive committee comprised of Grover (Chairman), Otis (Vice Chairman), Van Konynenburg (Secretary), and Jackson (Treasurer), Coffey, Lehikainen, and Pallios was selected.

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