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Opportunity Stanislaus has pulled together business and community leadership to make real improvements in the quality of life of Stanislaus County residents. Are you interested in being part of this cutting edge effort? Do you have passion to see Stanislaus County grow, thrive, and reach its potential? We thought so!

Opportunity Stanislaus investors will have specific engagement points to ensure Return on Investment to their business. Lead investors will also have the role to oversee and guide the Opportunity Stanislaus scope of work. All investors will receive special benefits, services, one-on-one focus and dialogue, and work on the initiative of their choice.

Want to see the full plan and expected results, click on the PDF link below.

If you are already an Opportunity Stanislaus Investors, thank you! Be assured your investment is hard at work helping the community grow. If you’d like to discuss your Opportunity Stanislaus investment specifically, I look forward to hearing from you as well.

To learn more, contact Tyler Richardson

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