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The Advantage of Doing Business Here

Lower Costs

Stanislaus County represents some of the lowest business costs in the State of California.  On average our costs of doing business are 30% less than the Bay Area.  Your company will realize tremendous cost savings in real estate, wages, utility rates, insurance, fuel costs, taxes, and business services.  Plus, by locating or expanding your company in Stanislaus County you have easy access to one of the largest corporate markets in the world: The San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley.


Access to Markets

Stanislaus County is within a two-hour drive of San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Sacramento.  Through five regional and international airports, we offer direct, daily nonstop flights to Asia, Europe, Central America, South America and Oceania, not to mention hundreds of daily flights to all major metro areas in the United States and Canada.  Stanislaus County is also just a five hour drive to the Los Angeles market.

We offer two major railroad lines through BNSF and Union Pacific Railroads, plus a number of short line railroads in the county that connect the two major railroads.  Interstate 5 and Highway 99, which connect Northern and Southern California, both run directly through Stanislaus County. Additionally, State Routes 32, 108 and 120 connect the county to Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, as well as, scenic destinations such as Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe.


Plentiful Workforce

Stanislaus County’s workforce is growing!  Unlike other regions throughout the United States, our population is growing.  Our workforce is young. There is great potential to acquire talent in the future as we train the next generation of young adults to acquire the skill sets needed by industry.  Our average population rate increase is 1% per year.

  • Total Stanislaus County Workforce (2000) – 210,700
  • Total Stanislaus County Workforce (2005) – 230,500
  • Total Stanislaus County Workforce (2010) – 248,000
  • Total Stanislaus County Workforce (2015) – 242,000
  • Median Age (Stanislaus County) – 32 years
  • Median Age (State of California) – 35 years
  • Median Age (United States) – 36.8 years


Low-Cost Utilities

Stanislaus County is served by four different utilities that provide electric, natural gas, water and wastewater services.  These four utilities are Modesto Irrigation District, Turlock Irrigation District, Pacific Gas & Electric, and Oakdale Irrigation District.  In addition, the City of Modesto provides potable water service and wastewater service to city residents and industrial users.  The three irrigation districts are municipally owned utilities and have traditionally offered lower rates than investor owned utilities.  The districts also offer water in more abundance and at lower rates than in many other locations in California.  Stanislaus County utilities have invested billions of dollars in the past century to create the infrastructure necessary to provide clean, abundant and lower cost services than their counterparts throughout the state.  As a result, even in drought conditions, our utilities are among the best equipped to handle water shortages and provide the resources needed by their customers.

The local utilities are also among the most responsible throughout the nation in establishing progressive practices and procedures to save energy and conserve water.  These are precious resources, and our utilities are doing their part to be responsible stewards of our environment.












Easy to Connect

Because of the culture of our business community and size of our market, it is easy to connect with businesses and do business locally.  We pride ourselves on promoting local business.  In a recent survey of local industry, 32% of respondents named location as the top strength of Stanislaus County as a place to do business, followed by supplier access (10%), and local business climate (10%).  One of our initiatives is to develop even stronger local supply chain relationships.


Pro-Business Atmosphere

Our local governments have established, as a high priority, easing navigation of local government regulatory and permitting requirements.  In early 2016 each of our nine cities and Stanislaus County signed the “Stanislaus Builds Accountable and Prompt Permitting Program” which provides for the following:

  • Centralized permit centers to limit the travel required by applicants throughout the permitting and entitlement process;   
  • Development services representatives, which assigns each applicant their own representative to act as a liaison throughout the permitting process;   
  • No-cost predevelopment reviews to identify, early in the process, potentially difficult issues that might delay permitting;   
  • Phased building permit issuance, which allows the bundling of permits by phase whenever possible;   
  • Expedited plan review and inspection so that applicants on major projects can have access to key staff working on an overtime basis as available;  
  • Customer service training to ensure that all team members within and among the agencies are consistently trained in best practices and use that knowledge and expertise to provide the best possible customer service to applicants.


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