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Opportunity Stanislaus - Our Future is Now

Opportunities abound throughout the Central Valley region to build upon our agricultural legacy and to leverage ever-increasing potential for smart economic growth. These opportunities, combined with Stanislaus County’s metropolitan resources and conveniences, and the warmth, charm, and feel of our smaller communities, create a unique platform upon which to establish a premier place to live, learn, work, play, and grow a business.

Under its new leadership, Opportunity Stanislaus is building a strong record of community involvement, contributions to the business economy, and of helping improve the quality of life for citizens across Stanislaus County. This new five-year plan, Opportunity Stanislaus—Our Future is Now! solidifies and builds on that vision.

This is the plan of all the communities in Stanislaus County. It is the culmination of 73 one-on-one interviews, through which community leadership in both the public and private sector provided individual input about the program initiatives that are most important to this region.


Dan Costa, CEO of Innov8 Partners

Campaign Initiatives

1) Help our existing businesses to grow and thrive.

2) Establish a demand-driven workforce readiness program that will enable our companies to recruit and retain the employees and managers they need.

3) Tell the world who we are by creating an effective messaging campaign instead of letting others tell people who we are.

4) Develop a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in our county by inspiring the many creative, bright people with good ideas to turn those ideas into viable businesses and create new jobs.

Hemanta Agarwala, President of Alpha Inc.

Get Involved

Opportunity Stanislaus has pulled together business and community leadership to make real improvements in the quality of life of Stanislaus County residents. Are you interested in being part of this cutting edge effort? Do you have passion to see Stanislaus County grow, thrive, and reach its potential? We thought so!

Opportunity Stanislaus investors will have specific engagement points to ensure Return on Investment to their business. Lead investors will also have the role to oversee and guide the Opportunity Stanislaus scope of work. All investors will receive special benefits, services, one-on-one focus and dialogue, and work on the initiative of their choice.

To see the full plan and expected results, click the PDF button at the bottom of this page to your rignt.