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Dear Friends,

In a short period of time Opportunity Stanislaus has made great gains toward creating avenues in which businesses can grow, diversify, and thrive. Our new VOLT Institute allows companies to instill those skills needed for their operations in our local workforce. We have grown our recruitments to serve a large number of employers across all industries. In short, we are stepping up our game to help business put its best foot forward.

Our latest opportunity to do so came about via a discussion with Prime Shine about employee recruitment and retention. Even though Prime Shine is one of our area’s top employers and offers a broad variety of benefits including tuition reimbursement and training at its own on-site university. However, despite its best efforts they are still plagued by those who might dismiss such a great employer being “just” a car wash.

Working together the answer became clear: we had to create a program that honored those companies locally who offer competitive wages, excellent benefits, growth opportunities, job security, and other conditions that influence an employee’s happiness and their likelihood to stay at a given company long-term. And so Best Places to Work: Central Valley was born—an annual employer recognition program that analyzes organizational offerings and employee feedback to generate a list of exemplary local employers.

Because we realize a program such as this is only valuable when the results are unbiased, we have enlisted the help of The Best Companies Group, a Pennsylvania-based organization that specializes in surveys and data analysis. Interested employers apply for the program and pay a fee on par with the size of their company and then those companies who rate high enough are awarded with the distinction of being a “best place to work” for a given year, an honor recognized by signage at each location, in program promotion materials and at an awards ceremony hosted by Opportunity Stanislaus.

Not all companies who apply will receive the distinction but they will receive the same in-depth report that approved companies receive with information about how employees feel, data that is priceless as employers seek to reach their potential. Understanding that while this information is necessary, it may be perceived negatively, all information about which companies apply and the result is kept fully confidential.

Now in its second year, Best Places to Work has opened registration at and will continue to accept applications through January 26, 2018 with the deadline for completed employee questionnaires coming a few weeks later. Companies will be notified of their results confidentially a few weeks after their submission. It is our hope that the 2018 cohort of Best Places to Work: Central Valley is a strong. We will provide assistance on a local level through the application process and work to ensure the handoff to The Best Companies Group is seamless.

The benefits of programs of this kind have been proven in other cities and I believe that our local program will have similar success. Those employers who go the extra mile will be recognized and our workforce will have the inside track on which employers are invested in creating environments where people want to work. I encourage any employers having recruitment and retention issues to consider Best Places to Work: Central Valley, our latest solution in making our region a premiere place to live and work.


Many thanks,


David White,

Chief Executive Officer

Opportunity Stanislaus